The WordPress Wizard

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Who are the WordPress Wizards?

WordPress is one of the most widely-used and easy to configure content management systems on the market today. Its point-and-click ease of use makes it an excellent choice for blogs, personal websites, small business, medium-sized business, or even big enterprises. Our wide array of services are here to help you get down to brass tacks and assist in designing and developing a website that will bring in visitors and convert them into Customers.

Why we love it

We’ve heard the story a hundred times, a company hires a developer to build a site and when they are finished, the company feels like a hostage to the developer.
With WordPress, we can build a client’s site and upon completion, they have the power to maintain the site without a developer’s assistance. Of course we are here to help if needed, but that should be the company’s choice, not a requirement.

As a business solution

WordPress got its start as a blogging platform. Today, it’s a full fledged content management system. The list of big name sites using WordPress is impressive. The new and innovative ways they are using WordPress, is even more amazing. From membership sites to store fronts, you can do almost anything at a price you can afford. Plus you can manage the sites yourself once they are created. They work like magic.

Wordpress wizardsNo matter if you are looking for a quick brochure style website, or if you’re looking to push the boundaries of the platform, let us help your business reach it’s potential. Contact us today!