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Shelby Sapusek, Jim Raffel: She Said, He Said: Hackers’ Guide To Coding

Jim Raffel and Shelby Sapusek have owned a WordPress website development company for almost a decade. Neither is a formally trained coder, yet both have learned many tips and techniques to customize WordPress sites and themes. This lively back and forth will be both educational and entertaining and provide coding solutions that have worked in their business.

She Said, He Said Hackers Guide To Coding

Lucky 7: Don’T Do Anything Until You Hear This WordPress Presentation

Imposter syndrome combined with isolation is a concern in our increasingly growing industry, particularly for those working remotely. How do we address imposter syndrome without looking our Wherever I go in the Community, I consistently hear these avoidable pitfalls from new users in the WordPress space. In this presentation, we’ll take a closer look at the seven most common mistakes, provide solutions to help you achieve your goals, level up, add value to your practice with WordPress.

Lucky 7 Dont Do Anything Until You Hear This WordPress Presentation – Joe A Simpson Jr