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Best Burger

bestburgerFor the Best Burgers in Milwaukee ( website we started with an off the shelf theme and then modified it to meet the customers demands. He wanted to list the best burgers in random order and to have the site feel like the drudge report. Simple, white, and direct links to the posts.  We designed a customer header and colors based on customer preferences. We modified things a bit so that each box on the main page would link to the burger information. We also allowed user input to add new information to the site, as well as google maps to locate each restaurant.  This site can be totally changed and maintained by the customer as designed.

Oldest Appaloosa

oldestI just created my latest and greatest site this time for my own use. It is designed to find the oldest appaloosa horse in the world. It uses one of my newest templates I have been working with as well as a neat little plugin to allow the viewers of the webpage to add their own content to the site. The form plugin even allow them to upload thier own photos.  I also changed the header and added the catagories by year. You can see more of it at If things are successful I might also run a site for other breeds of horses or anything for that matter. All generated by the users and funded by advertisers.