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Beautiful Blooms

Just completed a new website for a local Milwaukee area landscape company. The site features a great many slide shows using plugins to help show all the different projects and services they perform. They loved the site and recommended I work with one of the non profits they know. That will be the next site I work on.

Enterprise Fire

Here is a website we have been working on to help maximize SEO for a local company. They had a previous website from another firm and we are trying another site to see if we can increase the Search engine rankings using wordpress.

BackYard Bass

This was a fun little website for a company out West. The company wanted to use bright colors as the product was geared towards kids and teachers. Some features include a custom menu bar, forum and blog. We even designed the header to match their graphics. Over all the site very easy to edit and very interactive and easy for the person editing the site.

Milwaukee Fish Fry Finder

We created this site from scratch utilizing a owner created database of fish fry restaurants in South Eastern Wisconsin. The website is a simple design, but the backend features a high end search function that will find restaurants based or type of fish, or location.  The admin also has the ability to easily create a fish fry website for any resturant that doesn’t have one and up-charge for that service. These mini websites feature their own sidebar, maps and menus.


beanpoll.comWe created the BeanPoll ( after we were unable to find a script that would allow people to vote with money. It seemed like such simple idea, yet no one was doing it. It can be alot of fun for a website and also make you some money. We hand coded the back and front end which uses php and a database to allow multiple users to use the script at the same time. The original name was Paypoll until Paypal threatened to take us to court. I actually like BeanPoll better.  I real high end design including a support area and flash graphics.

Fit N Trim

FitNtrimBodies.comThe Fit N Trim body was a big challenge in that we had to design the theme from scratch to meet the customers needs. Colors were chosen, logos were placed and the left side panel was created to hide or show the model based on the viewer need. We also created a matching customer gallery for people to input their photos as they get Fit and Trim. One other nice feature was the ability for users to input favorite fitness shops with location.

Streamn-Live streaming

Streamn.comThe website really came together once we found a good framework. We wanted a high tech look that conveyed what the product was capable of doing for the customer. It features live streaming demos, a support page, contact page, etc. It also allows for purchasing the streaming services right from the webpage.