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Color it up

Just wanted to post a little about my latest and greatest project. You can see it at . I really love the way the site turned out. The old site lacked all of the cool flash effects as well as the color. The old site was black and did not convey the green and color you would want for a landscaping company. We used a bunch of different sliders also for this site so that we could show all of the beautiful pictures the owner took of her work. Then the last piece was a link to their Facebook page. I searched around and came up with a neat image that fit perfectly. Now the owner can update the site herself and show the world their Beautiful Blooms.


Getting Busy

Yes indeed this is a busy time for us. So many sites to work on and so little time. Lucky for us our staff of web wizards and design gurus are quickly creating new sites almost daily. We never want to get so big that we can’t respond to our customers when they need us, but it is nice to be recognized for our work and continue to grow.  As they say….Thanks for your support.

Up to date

absoluteWell I finally got the site up and running. I will continue to tweak things over the next couple of weeks. I am now working on getting my free theme posted on wordpress, with help pages on this site.


Bill Thiel

New website coming online

wordpress1The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

This old expression feels very real to me. It refers to the fact that a busy cobbler will be so busy making shoes for his customers that he has no time to make some for his own children. Hence the state of my website. Trying to get my own site up and running while helping everyone else is a real struggle. I am going to Mexico next week and i will finish everything up while I am at the airport. Love this new theme we made everything “sliding around” as they say.


Bill Thiel