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beanpoll.comWe created the BeanPoll ( after we were unable to find a script that would allow people to vote with money. It seemed like such simple idea, yet no one was doing it. It can be alot of fun for a website and also make you some money. We hand coded the back and front end which uses php and a database to allow multiple users to use the script at the same time. The original name was Paypoll until Paypal threatened to take us to court. I actually like BeanPoll better.  I real high end design including a support area and flash graphics.

Fit N Trim

FitNtrimBodies.comThe Fit N Trim body was a big challenge in that we had to design the theme from scratch to meet the customers needs. Colors were chosen, logos were placed and the left side panel was created to hide or show the model based on the viewer need. We also created a matching customer gallery for people to input their photos as they get Fit and Trim. One other nice feature was the ability for users to input favorite fitness shops with location.

Streamn-Live streaming

Streamn.comThe website really came together once we found a good framework. We wanted a high tech look that conveyed what the product was capable of doing for the customer. It features live streaming demos, a support page, contact page, etc. It also allows for purchasing the streaming services right from the webpage.

Best Burger

bestburgerFor the Best Burgers in Milwaukee ( website we started with an off the shelf theme and then modified it to meet the customers demands. He wanted to list the best burgers in random order and to have the site feel like the drudge report. Simple, white, and direct links to the posts.  We designed a customer header and colors based on customer preferences. We modified things a bit so that each box on the main page would link to the burger information. We also allowed user input to add new information to the site, as well as google maps to locate each restaurant.  This site can be totally changed and maintained by the customer as designed.

Oldest Appaloosa

oldestI just created my latest and greatest site this time for my own use. It is designed to find the oldest appaloosa horse in the world. It uses one of my newest templates I have been working with as well as a neat little plugin to allow the viewers of the webpage to add their own content to the site. The form plugin even allow them to upload thier own photos.  I also changed the header and added the catagories by year. You can see more of it at If things are successful I might also run a site for other breeds of horses or anything for that matter. All generated by the users and funded by advertisers.

New website coming online

wordpress1The Cobbler’s Children Have No Shoes

This old expression feels very real to me. It refers to the fact that a busy cobbler will be so busy making shoes for his customers that he has no time to make some for his own children. Hence the state of my website. Trying to get my own site up and running while helping everyone else is a real struggle. I am going to Mexico next week and i will finish everything up while I am at the airport. Love this new theme we made everything “sliding around” as they say.


Bill Thiel